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Life...growth...the journey of transformation. A legacy of true emergence can not be overlooked, nor it's value underestimated.


George - A nice poetic comment. So true.


To follow on our conversation over dinner last month, I thought you might enjoy this read...


Mark R

What a great Blog!!! - I shall return when I have more time. This post here is amazing!!! Thankyou brother.

Christina Brown

Well, I emailed you guys, but did not hear back. Perhaps I had the wrong email addy or perhaps life just keeps you as busy as it keeps all of us! LOL! Go figure! We are all human! And American to boot! :)

Russ and I hope to reconnect with you and Cheryl and meet your precious daughter sometime!

Contact us!

You can see pics of our family on my blogs:
(and yes, there is a reason for the silly username!)


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  • In the Celtic tradition "Thin Places" are places where the spiritual and the natural world intersect. It is a place where it is possible to touch and be touched by God. "Thin Spaces" are the moments when we experience a deep sense of God’s presence in our everyday world.

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