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This is an interesting journey you are on. It appears the pendulum has gone from one extreme to another. Is the room and purpose to middle ground?

I do wonder why you found it necessary to take the name of the Lord in Vain in your opening line (even if it was in text messaging short hand). Hopefully you haven't abandond traditional worship to the point of forgetting this command.


Rob ~ I thought the "Consumerist wet dream" comment would be the lightning rod of this post.

In my circle OMG means "Oh My Gosh" and is meant to convey surprise.

Not being a heavy text messaging person, i should probably have looked it up on Wikipedia first to find an alternate. They list the alternate of OMGH as another choice to avoid confusion.

My unintentional faux pas was not meant to cause an offense but to merely express surprise.

See, i'm on the other extreme for now.


Hey, no offense taken. I was just seeing if you actually read these comments.

On a serious note. What would middle ground be. What would it look like for you and your group who are trying to be the church to actually "do church" a little more?

How would you implement these changes.


Hilarious, the post and the show. Thanks for the laugh.


looks like the version youposted is not available..i think this is it:



oops. that was taken down too

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