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Congratulations!!! Pam and I are so thrilled for the two of you and are grateful that everything went well. Blessings!


This is indeed good news!

We struggled with nearly the same decisions during our 9 years of infertility. Our daughter will be 11 now in March - I feel your joy, thank you for sharing.

Congratulations and enjoy falling in love with each other anew as you watch each other through the new eyes of a parent. Beautiful!


Congrats to you both!

My wife and I waited for 18 years and after a miscarriage were not sure if we could or should try again. (We did not struggle with infertility, only selfishness and laziness. "Get a Harley or have a child... hmmm dat Harley is perdy!)

Now we have had our 22nd anniversary and our boy is turning 3 and our girl is 1 ½ we feel too old to have kids but would not change a thing!


Phil Hoover


God is so faithful to you! He has indeed blest you with His precious gift--a baby!

Now, bless Him, and raise her in His fear and favor.


Thanks everyone!

Ryan Sharp

Wow. Huge congrats!


wow!! she's beautiful.
my wife and i waited a lot of years as well. we ended up making the same choice as you did about where to stop with medicine. i guess we've got a little less patience, though. shortly after we made the first of two trips to china to meet the first of our two daughters. i know exactly how you feel after your long wait, and am able to relive our joy as i look at the pictures of the two of you with little angelina.
don't know if you've read mark yaconelli's book on youth ministry or not, but he tells of the first time he was able to introduce his new born to one of his mentors. she told him that the child would be his greatest teacher, and to remember to treat him as such.
you will find the same. angelina will be your greatest teacher, and you need to remember often to treat her as such.
god bless,

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