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Phil Hoover-Chicago

Yes, having served in the military myself, I know what Julie is going through and feeling.

It sounds like your "small group" has become the "community of saints" the New Testament intends for them to become. Now, the challenge for both Julie's family and your group will be to "enlarge your hearts" and allow God to bring in more people...new people...different people. God will take care of Julie's family. And He will also take care of your group.

You will miss her, and she will miss you. And that's how it should be. But remember this, we get to spend eternity together.

No separations up there.


Phil ~ Thanks for your thoughts on this. I am always amazed at how our lives can be knit together when we open ourselves up to other people.

Exactly! God will bring new people into our lives and hearts. That is the excitement and thrill of serving Christ.

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