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Phil Hoover-Chicago

Great post. I'm not sure that most American churches have any idea of what "community" should or could look like.

It's more than the "meet and greet" on Sunday mornings, and the plasticity that we so readily display in those gatherings.

Conflict is a real part of community, and every can grow from conflict. But it has to be handled biblically, and with utmost integrity.

Sadly, in recent years I've heard "one thing" preached from the pulpit, but when the ugliness of "reality" came around, something completely different took place.

So, a real question becomes, "Do we want to be a collection of individuals or do we want to become a community of faith?"

No easy answers, that's for sure.


Phil ~ becoming a community of faith is extremely hard. Especially in the church culture as you illustrated it.

To be sure, there are no easy answers but i'd guess that most people are more comfortable being a collection of individuals. In my pastoral training i was taught to keep it positive...

What bull pucky...

Give me community, messiness and all.

Phil Hoover-Chicago

Becoming a "community of faith" can be a very, very positive thing.

But there has to be a sense of "family" as well as "function" in the "community."

There has to be integrity, believability, and trust. We must protect one another as well as discipline and disciple one another. It takes work.

Alot of it.

We must realize that "privacy" "mobility" and "convenience" are not the new "Holy Trinity."

But it can be done. I've seen it done.

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