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Chris Bassett

Wow. Did you catch that last line? "House churches and cell churches have only thrived in the long run in places where religion is persecuted." We talked about that just last week. Rather than a 'passing fad,' perhaps God is calling many to house churches in preparation? Perhaps the rise of house churches - even if it doesn't eclipse traditional church methods - is to prepare us for when traditional churches become illegal, or worse, heretical? If we're close to the end, we may be preparing these house church networks for more than just an emerging movement. They may just become the only way we can ultimately meet as Christ's Body.


Chris ~ it is amazing how God does things eh? Maybe meeting as Christ's body has simply been eclipsed by the form of that meeting and we need a re-adjustment. I've always maintained that REAL persecution (You are Christian you die) is just what the Chruch in America needs.

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