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Chris Bassett

Darren: Great thought. I've struggled with the whole notion of being a "Gen-X-er" and with the irony that both Gen-X-ers and "Millenials" got named before they were old enough to name themselves. It seems the "Boomers" needed to exert that control over the generations that would one day control them. What better way than to name them? Adam had the same authority, that of naming things. Sciences, since (probably before) Aristotle's "Physics" have been naming things in order to gain some semblence of control of the world around them. This is why Jesus comes riding on a white horse, with a name written on him that only he knows. It is why the Hebrews had such respect for the name of God that the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton (sp?) was simply forgotten for lack of enunciation. The only name that matters to me is the one Jesus wrote down for me in his book.

"Pecca Fortiter! Sed fortius fide et gaude in Christo!!"


Chris: I think your comment points to another reason for the whole "self-naming" focus in emerging circles. We want a name to reflect "who we are" rather than have one imposed on us. But the whole "name thing" is still such a misnomer. A community is defined by how it acts and lives.

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