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It's tough being a "green" Christian. The Greens tend to hate your faith in Christ, while the Christians think you're a leftist nutjob.


The idea of "steward" is a lot closer to "housekeeper" than master of the house. This is not our earth, in an ownership way. This is God's earth. The way we often coporately relate to the earth reminds me of husbandmen of the parable in Mark 12.


It is these corporate relations with the earth that are so easy to ignore by sluffing the blame off onto the rest of those in our society. We are all guilty. It's difficult to disengage and untangle our lives from this corporate act of neglegence and disregard of the Housemaster while still remaining in community with those around us and loving Christ in our neighbor. (Mat. 25:40)

It's good to hear that you are trying to address these tensions and reconcile your position in relationship to the earth. Know that I'm with you in this struggle and trying to do the same!


Josh - I agree on the whole housekeeper idea. I see myself as an EarthKeeper and a PeopleKeeper.

DLE - No doubt! That is why i enjoyed the conversation on sustainability at the emergent gathering. IT was cool to find other Green Christ-Followers.

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