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I have been to churches in the past that are the same way, very scripted.

My old pastor used to start all the services with music. I remember one Sunday when the music was working and folks were really into the singing and the services. We had an entire service of singing and folks just stepping up and pouring out their hearts.

If he were a pastor that defined worship according to a script, this sort of thing would never have happened.


it's funny, i just blogged about the master pastor my husband used to work for this morning. he is so uptight things are scripted down to 30 seconds. he even made (makes) people submit their testimonies to him so he can edit them!

i'm so glad to be free of that tyranny! i think it comes down to a very poor holy spirit doctrine - no trust that god will lead where god wants things to go. very sad indeed!


Bobbie & Stephen – No doubt! It is rather sad. When I was an “professional pastor,” the temptation to control the service you were facilitating was always there. Over time I discovered that God can minister to His people better than I could. I let the Spirit take the lead and God was always faithful to touch lives. If we do not go to Church to touch and be touched by God ~ why bother?

BTW: we had a great time in worship that day.

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