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Tony Myles

Well... um... okay, then.


Come on Darren, ever hear of multi-tasking...why not both at the same time?

Cheryl Davenport

Ron, are you suggesting Darren multitask between me and the TV the entire time? I don't think so!

Below is a response to this post and:

Can you hear the wind...

Have we lost the sense of awe, and reverence to the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit? “For far too long many have believed His Spirit blew only in the church. But now and for quite awhile it has been blowing in places that because of our religiosity never thought possible…” Perhaps turning off the TV and focusing completely in the delight of another is simply making a choice to turn away from consumption with self. How else can we offer our undivided attention to the mystery of the Spirit blowing between man and wife?


Ron, I tried that once. She just felt like i was not totally into the moment.....

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