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I think the link to the Jesus People is acurate. I come out of the Charismatic Renewal, IIRC Debbie Jones comes from the Jesus People movement.

Every major new movement both embraces and transcends the predacessors. Emergent is drawing from both those camps, and from lots of other smart groups.

I do not identify less with my charismatic roots because I identify with the Emergent Folks, instead I have found that the best parts of my traditions of birth are being brought to their most full expression within the Emergent Conversation.

Cool stuff eh?

P.S. I just saw your book list ... Kallistos Ware, NT Wright, and St. John of the Cross ... dude I had no idea you read so many cool books. If you ever come swing by Houston please stop by, I will buy you and cherl your first cup of coffee at the coffee shop / jazz place.



And if you want a really informed opinion on this stuff ... go talk to Brad Sargent (http://futuristguy.inknoise.com/) I met him at Doxology in Houston. He is an absolute genious about these issues and has the wisdom and age to speak authoritaly where I can only speak with supostion.


P.S. where are all these pics from the gathering posted. My camara got stolen on the bus ... so I want to see other people's pics.


You are absolutely right about the difference between the Jesus movements and emergent. As I am a disciple of one who was in the Jesus movement. That was about change... a change to make it better. From the outside, yes we emergent ones do look like that is our goal. Yet, many of us our not out to change, but more to forsake modern views that taint the purity of the Gospel and step aside and let the Holy Spirit "emerge" our fellowships. We desire to tear down preconceived ideals and challenge them in search of what is Real, or rather Who is Real.
Emergence is more about core values and servant hood while seeking The Real. It is a searching of the heart and a desire not to change the world by bringing the Kingdom of God, but rather conquer men’s hearts by living in the Kingdom now on earth. To me personally it is allowing He Who gave is Life for me, to give His life to me, so now He can live His life through me.

I am not one for lighting candles, yet I see their place. I do not think that one who is an evangelical who now lights a few candles and incense is instantly emerging.
It is like the old Jesus People joke told by Keith Green...

Going to church does not make one a Christian anymore than going to McDonalds makes one a hamburger.

Redressing the modern church does not make it emergent anymore than redressing a pig makes it a beautiful woman.



I found it funny that you mentioned 21st century hippies...as a 41 yr old guitar player who lived a somewhat "hippie" or bohemian lifestyle for many years, it is this aspect of the emerging church that appeals to me!

I am not sure how I stumbled on to your blog but I will be back...I am very new to the emergent thing but I have found a renewed passion for Christ...now I need to find some folks in AZ to share it with!

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