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Hail! Hail! Speak it like it is! happy Birthday, birthday buddy! Hope you have a great one. Just remember, we're all getting older with you.


Yeehaw and Woohoo. Congrats. :))

Rich Tatum

Happy Birthday!

I'm only slightly behind you. Do you still feel "postmodern" or are you going to get curmudgeonly on us?


Are curmudgeons post-Postmodern? Or Trans-(Post)modern ;-)> Since i'm not a curmudgeon yet i'm not sure.


Happy birthday!!!

Isn't it strange that you do this? How can you get old if not a single cell of your body is older than one year? It makes you think, doesn't it? So you must be still young and always will be young. Have a great day though...


Congratulations. Enjoy it with your family.
I'm beyond that and it's good over 40!

PS...Neil Young "Harvest" is pretty much about the best album ever!


To everyone, Thanks for your comments. Bring on 41!

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