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While not disagreeing with anything you've posted, don't we need to broaden our thinking on this issue. It seems that we only refer to "community" as being those who happen to hold the same religious values that we hold, to those who share the same sense of expression, ie. mode of church or worship.
It seems to me, that I'm living in "community" as you define it every moment of the day. Whether it's dealing with a spouse and the remnants of their painful past, or a beligerent non-Christian co-worker who had a physically abusive father, I'm in a community.
I think the reality of authentice Christianity is this, whether you share my belief in Jesus Christ or you don't doesn't matter. As you say we are called to live in love, and that must be evident to all, irregardless of what "community" I happen to be in at the time.


George, your comments only reinforce the point of the post. But I would also add that to live in any community we need to move beyond our self-protections to genuinely engage people. I think that what we call a Christian community is more accurately described as a gathering of individuals who rarely interact in each others lives with any real depth. For many of us, Christian “community” becomes limited to the time we spend in a group setting on Sundays. If that is all it remains then we have a shallow and hollow community.

As to broadening our focus, I would have to agree.


great blog

Phil Hoover-Chicago

I couldn't have said it better myself. "Community life" can be very messy. That's why God has called us to be His people "together"--and not just by ourselves.

Our American individualism has become one of our greatest enemies--simply because we have forgotten that "community" is a "WE" reality, not just an "I" proposition.

Great blog. Keep it up.

Phil Hoover

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