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A hearty agreement from this corner!


With you on the margins bro.


I echo Glenn's agreement.


Well said. (Life is so much more exciting out on the edges anyway!)


Thanks guys! I'm finding the margins to be a place where my faith gets shaped in new ways.


I've come to a personal realization that my dissatisfaction with "the Church" in it's current state is something that is my responsibility to address. The American way would be to simply pull up roots and find something that I think suits me better. That seems to be an adventure that misses the point completely.

It's not about me. It is about Christ, in me and in those around me - whether they are part of the Church or not. We are all imagebearers, and by drawing closer to His Light that image becomes more visible.

Jesus called us to make disciples, not pledge card converts. How are we to do this if we are not first disciples of His way? If we truly live as Christ, the questions of "program" and "church model" become irrelevant, and others may be discipled by Christ in us.

Christ lived in the margins.

Darren... give me a call! 360-319-6672. I have missed having you around on a semi-monthly basis, back in the days of the short-lived Indie Allies Meetup group.


Josh, Great to hear from you! I'll be giving you a call in the next few days.


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