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This one hurts. Those of us who are visionaries and who live for the cause will need to reevaluate our position in relationship to Him. Whose vision are we serving? Darren, you nailed it one this one. I'll be praying for the ankle (and the back) Chao!


"Hi Darren,
I've been trying to leave a comment on your latest post for the last few days, but something seems to be wrong with your comment page...or is it me? Anyway, great post, and your final paragraph really struck me:

My point being that just maybe we should let go of the emergent vision and simply be the church. While it is true that the church is emerging. I would only hope that our emphasis is not on the emerging itself but on the One who brings about this emergence of the church.

I cannot say a bigger amen to that! I have been thinking that for months now.

Keep up the good work bro.


Arlen ~ I think the posting comments problem is on your end of things. Obvously we have been resonating for some time. Like Mike, i am a visionary. But i'd rather seek the ONE over any vision i may think He has given us.

Mike ~ While i may have nailed this one, i've been Nailed by God on the whole emerging thing so....i thought i'd share.


Much wisdom here.....I am interested to read more and see what happens....Much wisdom....a seeking heart God NEVER denies...thanks b

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