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Too bad we're not "purging" ourselves of every type of bondage that comes down the pike. And, too bad we don't "seriously" understand what happened on that cross, and realize what is means to us, and live in the amazing freedom Jesus created. Instead of "purging" everything else out, maybe we need to simply let Christ in... for real.

G Robbins

I think if I went to such a church and there was a spirit of judgement there, trying to separate wheat from chaff or somesuch, I would thankfully go to another church because they are obviously not following Christ's teaching. Already at very many churches I get that impression, that a person dare not admit they fall short in any way for fear of being cast out as an outsider. Jesus socialized with people who have problems, not the ones that thought they could fool everyone into thinking they're perfect already.
Also, some people aren't ready for service, they came to church in search mode. You just can't make people fit a mold of what you think they should be, you need to trust God that He will work on them.


My way or the highway huh? Been throught that.
I chose the highway.

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