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Arlen Hanson

This is an excellent, thoughtful, thorough, and well reasoned post. (I guess your seminary training DID do you some good. ;) Ha!) Seriously though, I think you have said some valuable things here, and I'll be thinking about them. I am glad to see this post see the light of day. I remember we corresponded about these things a couple of months ago, so this one seems to have been brewing for awhile. It aged well. ;)


Good thoughts man. I agree that the seminary experience should offer more, and a complete remodeling would serve us all well. There has been buzz about some schools, or changes in seminaries starting soon reflecting some of this. Do you have any solid info on this?


Well said. The current trend in seminary education to cohort based programs is a step in the right direction. The accountability and sharing within the group greatly inhances the retention of information and the successful application of it.


Hello, I wandered in from Blog Explosion and started reading your post on Seminary. As I am in seminary, it was right up my alley. Low and behold, a Regent grad! I am starting my second term here at Regent heading for a MCS with a focus in Theology. Great read and you actually sound like I Regent student!

I have been really impressed with Regent so far. I don't have any experience with other seminaries, but I like they atmosphere here as well as their views on the "laity." I won't be going into The Ministry (but, of course, will be in ministry regardless of what my occupation is) and Regent has been a great "cultivating" environment.

Good read, and always nice to meet a brother in Christ and fellow Regent student.



Humm, another funny coincidence as I read through your profile: my parents live in Bonney Lake, not too far from you.

Small world!


Joe ~ Man I wish I did have some info on that! A re-tool of the whole process has been in the back of my mind for some time now.

Matt~ I thought I heard Jiminy Cricket singing last night. “it’s a small world…” I’m glad you are enjoying your time at Regent! Remember to set aside some time for serious reflection in the year after you graduate. Let your Regent experience percolate in your soul a while before you move on. I found this time to be almost as valuable as my classes.


Thanks for the suggestions! One thing I am planning on doing this Lenten season is more reflection as I feel I have been so focused on studies and other distractions that I have missed out on that and I figure it would be a good habit to do that and the Lent season seemed like the perfect time to get working on that! Wow, that was a long sentence...


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