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Arlen Hanson

Man I can relate Darren. This sounds exactly like my life and path over the last few years. I had to get free in heart and head from all the "start with a bang" thinking that I had been indoctrinated with, and that I had seen kill some of my church planting friends and burn them out. I just couldn't do it. So we've started small here, and bi-vocational and we are indeed laying a foundation of community and common values and letting this thing grow organically. This is good stuff, if small and unglamorous, but I wouldn't go back to before. Thanks for sharing this man.

PS May I be so bold as to ask what denomination you are working with? Just curious. You can reply by e-mail if you like.


Arlen, Check your e-mail.


I appreciate the perspective of the journey. I have started two church plants with varying levels of success. Each each closed, for different reasons and after different periods of time. Each touched lives, ministered to people who needed God's grace, and each served as growth in my own walk and spiritual formation.

I don't know if I will ever start a church from scratch again, I don't think I will. God has me on a different path of restoring and rebuilding that takes as much faith and confidence in God's grace and power as does planting a new work. sometimes I know it would be easier to start fresh and build without the preconceived ideas and traditions, and values of an existing culture, but God is in the business of redeeming, and restoring what's written off; of rebuilding what's broken down and slated to be demolished.

Wherever God leads, and whatever our calling...if we're walking with God, it will lead to a walk of faith into the impossible.


hey man!

thanks for the shout-out :) I appreciate the commonality of thought we share... I had thought about contacting you to see if you'd be at the emergent conv. and then it completely slipped my mind.
Anyway- thanks for the props! :)

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