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That's great man. My buddy Steve (another local pastor here in IL) spends a lot of time at a coffee shop getting to know locals. He often does something similar. When ordering his drink he asks the barrista to use his card to pay for everyone else's drink in line behind him.


Joe ~ I like Steve's idea! I'll have to start doing that one myself.

Steve McCoy

I wish it were my idea, but I met someone who did that in Lexington, KY about 1 1/2 years ago.

Man, that starts up great conversations. I highly recommend trying it.


Hi, Great idea, cool action-witness! Have you ever seen the movie 'Pay it forward'? It's a great motivator, great story and the idea is not to wait until someone does you a favour and pay them back, but, for no real reason, to do someone a favour and when they sorta say they wanna pay you back, tell them to do what you did to them and pay it forward! Great movie - if u haven't seen it, you'll love it!


Man... I wish I'd have been there. It sounds like y'all had an awesome time. I'd love to get involved with you guys when you do it again. If I'm in town, let me know.

It's an awesome way to connect with your community. There's an opportunity to build real relationships, not just the usual, face deep ones we have a tendency to form.

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