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Rev. Mike

Someone left me a comment on my site referring me to this post. Given the commenter, a good online friend, I think he did it mostly to yank my chain. :)

At any rate, at the risk of looking like a link whore, the comment was in reference to this post: http://blog.revmike.us/archives/000674.html

It's a bit ironic that just before I read the comment on my site, I'd read an e-mail from Fred Peatross' Abductive Columns (http://fredpeatross.blogspot.com/) in which he'd made the following observation:

"From 1993 through 1999 I traveled to the former Soviet Union twelve times to nurture a church we planted in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine. During my time there I wrestled with the language, learned social customs, political climate, dress code, and diet. I immersed myself in Ukrainian culture, discovered points where the gospel connected and made faith tangible and relatable to the people. Who in their right mind would leap off the plane in Kiev, Ukraine and announce, "Your music stinks, you dress funny, and your language is gibberish. And by the way, Jesus loves you!"

As ludicrous as that sounds, Christians often make this mistake when dealing with their own culture. Vitriolic criticism, separatism, picketing, and petitions drown out any potential for genuine thought-provoking dialogue. And whether it's New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Kiev, Moscow, or Huntington, West Virginia missionaries must understand the dominate culture, spend time with the people, and then, like leaven, infuse Christ into culture. God holds the power and his gospel subverts culture. When missionaries bath the stuff of culture with God's truth—who knows how God will use it?"

A Charlie Brown

Rev. Mike ~ I think it is funny that my rant was used to yank your chain.

Believe it or not, I do tend to agree with your comments both here and on your blog. My rant on the “Consumerist Orgy of Holiday” was more a response to the over blown Political Correctness in American society today. When we capitalize “Holiday Season” as if it were holy and have “Holiday Trees”… that is just plain stupid.

We are a free country with the religious under girding of Christianity. Sure Christmas has a Christian overtone but rather than eliminate it in the name of Political Correctness, we should be honest about what the holiday is. If the Christian theme is socially unacceptable, let’s celebrate the winter solstice as a holiday and be done with it. Christmas replaced a pagan solstice festival after all.

Like most of us, I enjoy the family time we get with the current American Christmas holiday, the joy in a child’s face on Christmas morning, and the general sense of good will. I decided to focus on Advent because as Charlie Brown said,

“I think there’s something wrong with me. I just don’t understand Christmas. I like getting presents, sending cards, decorating trees and all that. But instead of feeling happy, I feel sort of let down.”
—A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965---



Actually we didn't lose Christmas, we stole from a pagan ritual and it has gone back. I think it is right to celebrate the Saviours birth as we celebrate other festivals in the Christian calendar. I think we would do to pull out of retrieving Christmas from the syncretised reality it has become. Its a ship I can let sink, its on life support, we can creatively redefine a new thing.

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