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For someone who doesn't "preach" anymore, you do it every time you write a serious article on your blog. Maybe you're not as out of practice as you think.


George, that thought did occur to me after i posted. It is a subtle irony of the blogging revolution. Preaching as verbal blog posts on a Sunday morning. Hmm……… makes sense to me. A rose by any other name and all that .

Matt Brennecke

It ocurs to me that when Paul talked about the foolishness of preaching, he may have meant that it was not the preffered way of teaching anything. He was pressed for time, and since the local brothers new next to nothing and had no New Testament to read themselves, he would use the obviously foolish method of preaching.

Most of the scriptures that relate to "meetings" are about persuading, listening prophesying in turn, and each one bringing a song etc. Maybe preaching was never meant to be part of a church gathering unless the people were brand new and some one apostolic was in town for a short period of time.

steve s

I have similar thoughts as Matt above, as we are in the same "circle" at this time. It seems that "preaching" as we have seen it may not be as it was commonly thought of in the early church.

I think that there is a place for someone who is learned in the scriptures to expound and share his knowledge just like if you went to a seminar. But is that the center of the life of the church? I don't think so. Week after week that would seem more like a "dictatorship", for lack of a better word.


Matt & Steve: your comments only highlight the sense of paradox I feel about preaching. It seems like such an ineffective way to shape our lives. I prefer to think of teaching by example as we live our lives together as the more biblical approach. I feel that we need to de-emphasize the priority we have given the sermon.

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