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Sounds good, but personally... I'd drop the "programs" and instead lean on God to lead you through a time of loving one another (through caring and compassion), and sharing life in Christ (through relationships). I've found that He is very capable of coming together with His children. He is very trustworthy.


If it were up to me i would drop the programs but i'm not the senior pastor of this church. i must admit that i do find the mindset of an established church somewhat frustrating at times but i'm there to help shift that mindset. Pastor Gary want's to take small steps at this point.

Bruce, To see what i'm doing on my primary venture go to www.TheQuestCommunity.com


The question is not what lessons others have
learned. It's what lessons about change have
you learned as you've embraced change and
paradigm shifts? How did you respond to the
controversal or radically different? What
time lines helped you walk out the change?
How did others help you?

In looking at those things, what responses
are unique to your personality, and what
responses are shared by all people.

Obviously, the final point is of course, how
would God have you move.

Jeff Kuhn

We did the same type of thing a couple of years ago to help the people of our church begin to appreciate the whole idea of small groups. It was a great step to take and has enabled us to move toward a more relational focus. One of the things I did not expect was that we lost a group of people who felt comfortable in a large class (our adult class averaged 45-60 people) but didn't feel ready to make the shift to a smaller group. They still liked the anonymity of the larger group. Because we are in a rural setting we've been able to keep the larger group format on Sunday morning and move our groups to an evening time. As I reflect on it, using the Sunday school as a trasition point helped a lrage group of people begin to see the need for and benefits of small groups.

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