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Good points, bro. But, of course, I disagree.

The problem with the organization is that people tend to align themselves with the physical entity they call "the church". Without that organization, they feel lost and incomplete. But what they don't seem to realize is that the incompleteness they feel has nothing to do with organized religion, but with a persistent disconnect with their spirit source... their Father in heaven.

You can "join" churches all you want... but is that the path to the Father? Or is your relationship with the church likely to become a nearly imperceptible substitute for relationship (connectedness) with the Father? That's where I think the danger lies. People have fooled themselves into thinking connection with Father comes automatically as a result of connection with the organization. That can be a deadly mistake.

I'm not saying this about you. You are clearly different. You get it. But, the large majority of church participants I know, don't seem to "get it". That saddens me, and motivates me to continue to share the good news with them outside of organized religion.

But, these are my observations... certainly biased and from a unique perspective... mine! Sometimes, I hope I'm wrong about organized religion, but so far, everything I see seems to support my feelings on the subject.

Much love to you, brother!


Hey Bruce, glad to hear from you again!

i always love it when someone disagrees with me. Dialog is the fun of this medium called blogs. i can see the validity in your point and respect your feelings on the institutional church. i also have my doubts about the whole organized religion thing. Yet i have not completely turned my back on the institutional church as you know. i believe that people can be transformed by God and that this transformation brings about real change in the church. i could say it like this: Church is the People and not just the institution.

This is where i suppose we do agree. To be transformed we need to be in a deep relationship with the Father. This supersedes any organizational structure we find ourselves located in. (Church as Institution)

While we may disagree on the possibility of institutional change, i do think we agree on the fact that we need to be in relationship with God and not an institution. i could be wrong here but i’ll leave that up to you.

Blessings, love, and peace back at you Bro’

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