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You're right - this is a tough one. And one of the reasons I find it so hard to get involved in a small group in the evenings. It's all I can do most days just to get the basics done, and don't have the time or energy to still try fit another thing into the schedule! It's a dilemma I have no solution for yet, but will be watching your space to see if you find one! :)


If you've been following the thoughts on issues of Christianity and work on Cerulean Sanctum, you'll know that people are exploring how to wake up the Church to issues of work.

I recently read Randy Frazee's books (The Connecting Church and Making Room for Life) and felt that he was completely out of touch with what is happening with most families' work situations. I know people who have been downsized every eighteen months for the last six years--that just kills community. Unless the Church in America is willing to address the one thing that occupies most of everyone's day, their job, we are only going to become more isolated from the community we so desperately desire.


i have to agree with you on the whole economic thing. it is what drives the entire suburban frenzy that my wife and i are dealing with. We moved from a smaller city to suburbia to find work. That is the only reason we left Whidbey Island for the burbs. Even on the island we did not have much community as a Navy town is defined by mobility.

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