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This issue of "safe" Christianity is one of the things that drew my wife and I outside the "institutional church" recently. We realized that we were living not in faith, but in fear. Where's THAT in the Bible? Don't send your kids to public school because it's not safe. Stay away from worldly people because it's not safe. Why is it that the Christian approach to evangelism is to try to remove the light from dark places? Why in the world would I want to listen to "safe" radio (I can't take more than a couple minutes either)? We had to lay down the fear to, as my wife put it, "find our Jesus again." Now, I'll admit, we are still struggling to follow Jesus in faith, but we are at least trying to live as lights in the darkness. After all, when did you ever see darkness come into a lighted room unless the light went out? The light has to go into the night to drive away the darkness.


I'm with you guys. I'm so sick of the pop christian culture, I get physically ill when I ponder it. The commercialization of Christ will be the end of the church. Bigger buildings, hotter bands, more powerful programs, more impactful teaching... all for a price, and all at a cost... an eternal cost. Forgive us Lord!


Good post. To answer your (probably somewhat rhetorical) title question, at least from a music perspective, the term entered Christianity through secular companies. Any more, 9 out of 10 Christian music stations are owned by large broadcasting conglomerates who think that Christianity is little more than a group of people who don't cuss or tell dirty jokes. Unfortunately, the Church has done extremely little to disabuse them of that notion.


What a challenging post! Some Christians find it difficult to balance living in the world but not being of it. It is easier to just recoil to a safe place. Still it was not suggested we go in to the world we were commissioned. Unfortunately much of the church in America has lost it's saltiness. I have faith that as if continue to seek the Lord in prayer with faith He will tell us what to do to get things in order. I would write a letter to that station maybe they may be interested in what you have to say.

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