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One-Line Bio

i am a lifelong learner, devoted husband, father, and Christ-Follower seeking a new way to BE the Church in a rapidly changing American culture. Call me emergent, mystic, or what ever -- i want a deeper life with Christ.

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Who am i?

Like most of us, this is not a static picture most of the time. i am always growing, changing, becoming and discovering who i am. It is not a fixed target that i can point to. That is what makes life so interesting. The world changes and so do we. i am a person who embraces the change and seeks to be honest with others and myself in the process.

i believe that life is innately a spiritual endeavor not a physical one. Are we simply physical people trying to be spiritual? i think not. We are spiritual people who live in a physical world. While some may see this as a minor splitting of hairs or semantics, the implications dramatically affect how we live in the world. i view the world first and foremost as a spiritual person.

After graduating from Regent College in Vancouver, BC with a Masters of Divinity in Christianity & Culture in 2002, my wife and i began a new adventure. Leaving the modern way of doing church behind we started to look for ways to be the church in our emerging postmodern culture. We are currently living an alternative Christian experience that is heavily informed by Celtic Christianity. We refer to it as "The QUEST Community." Our Quest is to live as Christ in our culture. i can sum it up in an adaptation from an Ancient Chinese poem

WE: Go to where people are.
WE: Live life with them.
WE: Learn from them.
WE: Love them.
WE: Start with what they know.
WE: Build on what they have.
WE: Embody the message of Christ.

LOCATION::~ Puyallup Wa.
OCCUPATION::~ Multi-Vocational Church Planter
STATUS::~ Married To Cheryl
MUSICAL TASTES::~ Coltrane to Evanescence.
EDUCATION::~ School of hard knocks plus a Master's Degree

In the Celtic tradition "Thin Places" were places that the spiritual and the natural world intersect. It is a place where it is possible to touch and be touched by God, as well as the angels, saints and those who have died. In a virtual world, "Thin Spaces." are the intersections of the spiritual reality with life. Spaces we travel through to connect with God and each other. They are the moments when the mystery of God and life impact our consciousness.

Over the summer we began helping out at what i would call a standard modern church. i think that this is a decision that is compatible with our more, dare i say, emerging community we are creating. It makes for interesting blog posts as we live in two spheres of the church and i write about both.

The church is an effect of the operation of the Spirit of God more than it is a man made institution. Therefore, helping a more traditional church transition to reach our emerging culture is a valid extension of the lifestyle we live outside of the Christian subculture.

Living in two different Christian circles has become rather challenging at times as we have become translators out of necessity. While the concepts remain the same, the way of embodying them is very different. The Quest is more emerging ancient-future while Mt. View Neighborhood is more modern Pentecostal.


trane Among my vices are the Web & Graphic Design, Anime (Cowboy BeBop), strong coffee, a daily mocha, backpacking, jazz, film, philosophy, and John Coltrane.