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I'm unsure of what you mean when you state"are we questioning our theology and developing new theologies that reflect a positive engagement with those who are not present in the body of Christ."

If theology is the study of God, and a knowledge of who God is, is important to establishing a relationship with Him, how do we create new theologies? I've read you're blog from the beginning and I know much of what you're against, but I'd like to know what your core convictions? What is the essence of the message I would find in coming for 6 months to your house church?



Your rant here has stirred me up as it obviously has our mutual friend George. I am responding with my own post which is too lengthly to put here. But would welcome your response. In short, your post is reactionary when strategic initiative is what is needed, not reactionary morass.




I mean I agree, yet I go one step farther... WHY ARE WE MARKETING FOR DAN BROWN?

I mean it is a fictional book. Most of the big questions have all ready been addressed... in the bible such as the "swooning".

I see that Christian seem to be more into capitalizing on the world, to make a buck more than they are being a reactionary.

Any chance to ride the shirt tail of a controversy is to give it credentials!

I have seen this with the "Last Temptation".

I think the best apologetic response would have been a good hearty laugh and dismiss it with the teaching of an intimate relationship with Christ.

I see the modernist mindset as settling for second best instead of taking the lead.


It is good to see a post that has a little bite to it again.


George – Yours is a good question. What am I for? This blog exists as a space for me to work that out and state what I do stand for. " Christians NEED to LOVE people HONESTLY and from the HEART”

As to what you are unsure of. By using the term “new theologies” is shorthand for “Theological engagement that does not diminish others in a quest for dominance.” While I knew that the shorthand may trigger some of my friends, I used it anyway.

Mike – You are correct in stating that my post is reactionary. I’m venting and that is it. For me, they key is the last paragraph where I state, “Have we re-branded the same old tired theology or are we learning to LOVE people in this post-colonial culture and serve them as Christ would?”

Hey iggy, I agree with your comments. I’ve been slumbering for a long time as I process some heavy stuff. But I think I’m coming out of it now.


I understand from a post a while back you went through some "denominational" stuff. My prayers are with you and I know that God has you there for His good and perfect will to be carried out.

I know He will give you wisdom and grace to do as He calls you.



Thanks iggy, i'm finding that my percieved denominational constraints are sluffing off like so much dross after a long time in the blastfurnace of deep reflection.

To be a voice of change within an institutionalized reality is never an easy place to be. Yet that is where God has place me.


It's easy to shout, "we must change!" It's harder to actually lead people towards the outcome of change.


George, I'm not "speaking" (Voice used as a metaphor for a cluster of actions.) about rants or posts here. That is why i have not dumped my credentials and have been doing my best to work within the system to this point.

Albeit, i'm living on the fringe of our denominational reality and am not as thoroughly engrossed in it as you are. Therefore i think our vantage points do differ greatly.

But i do see your point.

Maybe that season of my life is over and it is time to leave the system behind and "shake the dust off of my feet" so to speak. I know it would make my life easier.


Hey Geroge - Not taking the bait eh?


No I'm not going to take your bait and turn this into a discussion of denomination. I want to keep it focused on the values you not only hold but put out for public thought and dialog, and your idea of theological dominance. Just for kicks take a look at the Phoenix Affirmations found on www.crosswalkamerica.org and give me your thoughts as they apply to the above conversation.

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