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I agree with you, Darren. Personally, I think if we keep our focus on Christ and live deeply in him (each of us individually), the "church" will come to be what he wants it to be. Love one-another? Half the people sitting in the pews are lonely and hurting, and what do we do? We sing songs and listen to speeches. I guess that's what we call love. We promote organization as if it is Christ itself. Just as we've lost personal connection with Christ, we've lost personal connection with each other.


Darren, I agree with you. The Emerging Church (EC) identifies with so much more than just style. In fact, I would say that style is the packaged-brand or packaged form of the EC and not necessarily the core of the conversation. I would not go as far to say that stylization is not EC, but I would say it does not reflect entirely the values or missional objectives of the EC as a global whole. In North America, our churches are so market-driven (fad, trend oriented), that stylization has played too much of a role. EC is not a fad or a trend, and represents some deeper issues in evangelical theology and mission.

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